New Amsterdam Market: purveyors in pursuit of revitalizing south street seaport.


In a nutshell: The vibrant New Amsterdam Market in New York’s Financial District brings vitality to the efforts at redeveloping the East River Market District.

The Old Fulton Fish Market at South Street (between Beekman Street & Peck Slip) came alive on Sunday, June 23, as the beloved New Amsterdam Market burst into action. A bell, ringing loud and clear in the air, signaled the start of the market at 11 am, immediately followed by uproarious clapping and whistles. Over 70 participants–growers, producers, purveyors, distributors, chefs, cooks, and advocates of an emerging food system dedicated to responsible food production, regional economies, and fair trade–had stalls ready to share their delicious goods and overflowing knowledge with the public.

This was sadly the only market event to be held the entire 2013 summer season due to circumstances involving ownership and leasing of the space. A rally in support of saving Fulton Fish Market (#savefultonfishmkt) was held at high noon.

May they achieve their mission of establishing “a public market to promote and sustain a thriving society of small businesses; responsible agriculture, fisheries, and food production; regional economies, and fair trade between regions; and equitable access to real food.” More information can be found here.

In the meantime, check out the wonderful spirit of the market through the gallery below:

New Amsterdam Market
South Street (between Beekman Street & Peck Slip)
New York, NY


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