Good Food on Montford: it’s in the name.


In a nutshell: “Good food” might be the vaguest query you could search for when trying to locate a dinner spot, but fortunately this Charlotte spot touts its strength in its name.

A glimpse of the tapas-styled menu.
A glimpse of the tapas-driven menu.

Chefs Bruce and Kerry Moffett opened the doors to Good Food on Montford in 2009. Their second venture following their success at Barrington’s, the brothers were inspired by a local coffee shop worker decrying the lack of good food along the once-desolate strip of Montford Drive. Fortunately, the neighborhood didn’t have to wait long; shortly after opening, the restaurant was named a semi-finalist for the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant in 2010. Chef Larry Schreiber’s menu is seasonally-focused and spans flavors from around the world, bringing diners’ taste buds along for the ride.

Bread and oil to start.
Bread and oil to start.
Beer Battered Broccoli. {$8.00}
Beer Battered Broccoli. {$8.00}

Vegetables are still healthy even if they’re fried, right? These florets are nestled in a golden colored cheddar foam incorporating Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Copper Altbier and dressed with slivers of pickled jalapeno.

Garganelli. {$11.00}
Garganelli. {$11.00}

Penne’s more carefree cousin, these luscious quill-shaped noodles are the ideal base for housemade Italian sausage in a toasted garlic and tomato base.

Steamed Bun. {$10.00}
Steamed Bun. {$10.00}

Pork belly on its own is a delight with its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. When it’s rubbed with five-spice, brushed with a bit of hoisin, perked up by pickled vegetables, and swaddled in a plush steamed bun, you’ve got a sandwich fit for a king.

Korean Beef. {$12.00}
Korean Beef. {$12.00}

The artistic construction of this plate is impressive, beginning with a swath of tongue-tingling gochujang painting the surface. A tidy pile of seared beef, slightly thicker than bulgogi, blankets the square of crispy white rice. The scallion kimchi bundle on top might look like it should belong on a plate of dolmades, but it is a friendly reminder of the menu’s global influences.

Prince Edward Island Mussels. {$11.00}
Prince Edward Island Mussels. {$11.00}

Steamed in an aromatic broth of green curry, coconut milk, and cilantro, these mussels are plump and fragrant. Extra grilled naan (or at least a spoon) is a must to soak up the rest of the curry.

Need to work off your meal? Good thing that Park Lanes–the city’s go-to bowling spot since 1960–is across the street.

Good Food on Montford
1701 Montford Drive
Charlotte, NC
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